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Procure-to-Pay Solutions

Do you struggle to maintain visibility into your procure-to-pay process?

Lack of visibility in the procure-to-pay process can cause a number of problems for an organization, resulting in lost discounts with vendors and accumulated late payment fees, among others.

MHC Software’s procure-to-pay solutions provide instant visibility to help you manage cash more effectively, reduce administrative spend, improve communication and optimize decision-making throughout your procure-to-pay cycle.
Procure-to-Pay Solutions


Close your ERP Procure-to-Pay gaps with MHC solutions and unleash the power of interconnected information.

Supply Chain Management & Accounts Payable Visibility

  • Requisition supporting documents
  • Customized purchase orders
  • Imaged receiving documents
  • Vendor documents
  • AP invoices - automation and workflow
  • AP payments - checks and electronic payments


Your Challenges MHC's Solutions
Supply Chain Management Information  

Tired of trying to access documents from a different department in a different building that need to be photocopied before interoffice mail can deliver them to you?

Leverage centralized document imaging to access the information you need, from requisitions to checks.

Ever read a purchase order you couldn’t decipher?

Format ERP information into legible customized documents.

Ever had to search a warehouse to track down receiving documents?

Enable one-click access to receiving images from within your business systems.
Accounts Payable Information

Asked to pay an invoice for a vendor you know nothing about?

Leverage document imaging to access vendor documents online and enable faster invoice processing.

Have trouble finding the information you need for financial and audit controls? 

Control information with audited workflow automation.

Spend too much time responding to vendor, customer and auditor requests?

Customize your AP documents and increase electronic access to communicate more effectively.


Explore new possibilities with MHC Software solutions.


You won’t have to spend hours learning to use new systems and training new employees. Our easy-to-use solutions integrate with your existing business systems to take stress away, not create it.


Save on costs associated with paper, printing and distribution – and allow employees to manage their time more effectively. Getting the work done efficiently and successfully improves productivity and your bottom line.


MHC Software designs solutions to work with your business processes and meet your unique business needs, so you get a solution that works for you.

“Using the MHC Image Express software in conjunction with our Lawson AP module, we have been able to gain efficiencies in processing, auditing, approving, transportation, storage, research and interaction with our vendors. The solution was relatively inexpensive and simple to deploy and to train. The feedback from every type of user has been extremely positive.”

Ellen Chase-Lucard
AP Business Process Specialist
Department of Administrative Services
State of New Hampshire

Customized Purchase Orders
Supply Chain Management Imaging
Accounts Payable Imaging
AP Invoice Automation
Workflow Automation
Accounts Payable Document Output & Distribution