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Payroll & Human Resources Solutions Employee Documents

Ease the management of employee files.

With MHC Software, you won’t have to worry about the wrong people getting their hands on the file cabinet key or natural disasters that destroy all your employee paperwork.

Our document imaging and workflow solutions prevent loss of information due to disasters and securely audit and manage all document retrieval, so you control where your documents are accessible and who has access to them at all times.

Employee Documents Solutions

Your challenges - solved!
Still storing paper employee files under lock and key?
  • MHC helps Human Resources/Benefits/Payroll professionals migrate toward electronic documents by offering web forms (eForms) and document imaging functionality to digitize employee files and enable audited electronic access for authorized users

Tired of spending countless hours preparing and distributing documents, such as W-2s and pay stubs, to your employee base?


Explore new possibilities with MHC Software solutions.


You won’t have to spend hours learning to use new systems and training new employees. Our easy-to-use solutions integrate with your existing business systems to take stress away, not create it.


Save on costs associated with paper, printing and distribution – and allow employees to manage their time more effectively. Getting the work done efficiently and successfully improves productivity and your bottom line.


MHC Software designs solutions to work with your business processes and meet your unique business needs, so you get a solution that works for you.

"MHC is an excellent company with outstanding employees."

Kyle Gray
Good Samaritan Hospital

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