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Accounts Payable Solutions Accounts Payable Invoice Capture Automation

Decrease data entry. Increase visibility.

Improve financial management, speed up the invoice approval process and increase visibility to payables in a way any CFO would desire with MHC Software’s Accounts Payable (AP) Invoice Capture Automation solution.
AP Invoice Capture Automation


What makes MHC Software’s solution so powerful?

MHC’s Accounts Payable Invoice Capture Automation solution is powered by optical character recognition (OCR) and MHC’s flexible workflow engine. OCR captures data from scanned paper invoices, converts the characters into usable text and sends the relevant data into MHC Software’s workflow automation integrated with your AP business system. This solution allows AP to:

  • Reduce manual data entry and repurpose data entry staff
  • Improve accuracy, reducing the potential for human errors
  • Increase visibility with up-front scanning and extraction of invoice data

As the percentage of AP invoice line items automatically captured increases…

AP Invoice Capture Automation Savings

Your challenges - solved!
Do you know what it costs your AP department to process each invoice?
  • MHC Software’s capture automation solution can greatly reduce invoice processing costs. Contact us to determine your full savings potential with MHC’s automation solutions

Does your organization pay late fees to vendors or miss early payment discounts due to long invoice processing times?

Wish that you could have real-time visibility into the AP process?

Explore new possibilities with MHC Software solutions.


You won’t have to spend hours learning to use new systems and training new employees. Our easy-to-use solutions integrate with your existing business systems to take stress away, not create it.


Save on costs associated with paper, printing and distribution – and allow employees to manage their time more effectively. Getting the work done efficiently and successfully improves productivity and your bottom line.


MHC Software designs solutions to work with your business processes and meet your unique business needs, so you get a solution that works for you.

MHC's AP Invoice Automation Solution Overview:

"We have eliminated a 10-12 day delay in invoice processing. Our remote locations love it. If they have a question on an invoice at 4 a.m., it gets answered."

Scot Campbell
Senior Staff Accountant
ABRA Auto Body & Glass

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