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Accounts Payable SolutionsAccounts Payable Document & File Output

Buried in paper?

Accounts Payable Document & File Output    It’s difficult for any Accounts Payable (AP) department to get work done when it is constantly overwhelmed with paper. MHC Software’s Accounts Payable document solutions streamline the creation of AP documents and transactions and allow AP to spend time managing financial controls instead of handling paper. 


Your challenges - solved!
Does your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system limit your ability to produce the AP payment format you want?

Wanting to convert your manual AP check processes into secure, automated financial transactions?
  • MHC’s electronic payment solutions automatically format payments to meet bank requirements so you can make electronic payments effortlessly

Are you planning to implement Positive Pay?
  • Our solution makes fraud prevention easy when using Positive Pay services

Does your organization require centralized control of decentralized check printing but struggle to find an effective, economical way to do it?
  • MHC Software’s secure distributed printing capabilities allow you to centrally control remote check printing without cumbersome coordination or costly overnight delivery of checks

Explore new possibilities with MHC Software solutions.


You won’t have to spend hours learning to use new systems and training new employees. Our easy-to-use solutions integrate with your existing business systems to take stress away, not create it.


Save on costs associated with paper, printing and distribution – and allow employees to manage their time more effectively. Getting the work done efficiently and successfully improves productivity and your bottom line.


MHC Software designs solutions to work with your business processes and meet your unique business needs, so you get a solution that works for you.

"We’ve been trying to incorporate MHC in every aspect of our business simply because MHC provides the best support of most any vendor we have had experience with. You are definitely at the top!"

Robin Worley
Systems Engineer
Mission Health

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