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MHC Document Self-Service Tax Documents

Bogged down with calls asking for reprints of last year’s tax documents?

MHC Document Self-Service ™ supports web delivery of a variety of tax forms, including W-2s and W-2cs, 1095-Cs, 1098-Ts and Canadian T4 and T4As, for easy online document retrieval. Employees opted-in to electronic tax delivery can view both current and prior tax forms online. 

Employees will appreciate continual access to their tax documents, and you will enjoy fewer reprint requests - MHC Document Self-Service


Complies with all IRS regulations for delivery of electronic W-2s and 1095-Cs: 

  • Authorization and revocation of consent
  • Mandatory IRS-compliant notices to employees
  • Full audit trail of all activities (visible only to authorized administrative users)

Save on tax document delivery costs.

  • Studies suggest it costs an organization $1.50 to $2.00 on average to print and mail an original W-2 document – electronic tax document delivery is a fraction of the cost!
  • Give employees the option to securely send W-2 information to Intuit’s TurboTax to ease their tax preparation and increase their participation in employee self-service offerings


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"W-2s used to take the entire month of January, including a couple of bad runs with our former image company provider. W-2s now take very little time. We used to worry about W-2s during the holidays, and now we don’t!"

Robin Worley
Mission Health

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