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MHC Document Self-Service Payroll Documents

Reduce the time and money you spend printing and distributing payroll documents.

Improve payroll efficiency and productivity with online pay stub delivery. MHC Document Self-Service ™ offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to inefficient and time-consuming paper-based pay stub printing and distribution.
Payroll Documents - MHC Document Self-Service

Key Features:

  • Secure delivery of password-protected PDFs via email and/or online via a web portal
  • Automatic emails alerting employees when online pay stubs are available for viewing and printing
  • Compliance with state labor laws for electronic delivery of pay stubs online and/or via email
  • Added disclosure statements on payroll documents to effectively communicate with employees
  • Past pay stub viewing to eliminate time spent handling reprint requests


Faced with complex payroll requirements your ERP does not handle? Let us help you meet them with ease.

  • Create detailed reordered pay codes, deductions and hours
  • Segregate pre- and post-tax deductions
  • Suppress unwanted pay codes
  • Eliminate payroll questions by providing more descriptive, reformatted pay advices, powered by MHC Document Express ™ Line Item Maintenance


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"Of all the vendors we work with, MHC’s customer service is by far the most superior."

Wendy Woitalla
Associate Director of Administrative Computing Services
St. Olaf College

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