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MHC Document Self-Service Empower employees to own their documents

Spend too much time handling employee-specific paper documents and want to go electronic?

Solutions for You

Tax Documents    
  Deliver W-2s, 1095-Cs, 1098-Ts and Canadian T4s to employees electronically

Payroll Documents
  Deliver customized employee pay stubs online, via email or both

Employee Documents
  Electronically deliver benefit and retirement statements and more
MHC Document Self-Service

Key Features: 

Why self-service makes business sense: 

  • Online access to current and prior employee-specific documents
  • Full audit of all employee and administrative actions
  • Secure online document retrieval and delivery methods
  • Email notifications sent to opted-in employees
  • Compliance with all IRS and state regulations
  • Alternate access options for inactive and former employees
    • Lighten your hectic workload – Spend less of your valuable time printing, reprinting and distributing employee-specific documents
    • Improve productivity – Give employees online access to their documents with just a few easy clicks of a button
    • Reduce costs – Eliminate costs associated with printing, reprinting and distributing employee documents, including forms, check stock, printer toner, envelopes, postage, and paper document storage fees



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    "With Document Self-Service, we save countless hours producing W-2s and 1098-Ts every year. What’s more, our employees love Document Self-Service. People would be upset if we took MHC products away.”

    Wendy Woitalla
    Associate Director of Administrative Computing Services
    St. Olaf College

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