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Print Supplies & Equipment

MHC Software's authorized forms providers, Brand Advantage Group and Quality Resource Group, provide the consumables needed to create your documents. Their selection of print supplies and equipment complement MHC's Document Express document output solutions for business forms, check processing and tax forms.

Consumables offerings from our authorized forms providers include:

  • Check stock
  • Tax forms
  • Envelopes
  • Printing equipment, such as printers, toner and ink cartridges (standard and MICR), and pressure seal machines

For information about forms or equipment offerings, please contact one of MHC's authorized forms providers:

Call: 844.607.3348
Contact: Michelle Samuels at or 844.642.6326, ext. 290

Call: 800.999.3468
Contact: Zen Kuzyk at or 507.289.2624