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Simplify & Automate Tax Document Processing

Posted by Conrad M - May 16 2019

Tax documents – your favorite topic, right? That sentiment is most likely far from true for many of you, especially for resources in payroll, benefits, and accounts payable departments responsible for delivering tax documents to employees and vendors. The process to create and distribute tax documents can be time-intensive, stressful and seemingly never-ending when people keep calling asking for reprints! Before the next tax year approaches, now is the time to evaluate your processes and identify how you can simplify and automate tax document processing in your organization.

MHC offers solutions for over 20 different tax forms, including: W-2s, 1095-Cs, T4s, 1099s and more. MHC tax document solutions enable organizations to simplify the process of generating and distributing tax documents to employees and vendors. Solutions range from software that supports in-house document generation and printing to cost-cutting online document delivery, plus services that eliminate your overtime labor and need for special printing and sealing hardware. 

Watch this 40-minute video to experience how MHC Software supports employee and vendor tax document delivery needs.

In this video, you’ll obtain:

  • An overview of tax document solution offerings from MHC Software – tax document creation, self-service electronic delivery and tax document processing services

  • How the ROI for MHC electronic tax document solutions is often less than a year based on reduced manual labor, paper, printing and distribution costs alone

  • A live software demonstration showing how users (active & inactive employees and vendors) can access tax documents online and appreciate the convenience and flexibility of self-service document access
  • Considerations for organizations who may want to completely eliminate the in-house printing and distribution of tax documents

Watch the recording by clicking this image link, below:

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