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Extend Infor Global HR with Streamlined Access to Employee Documents

Posted by Conrad M - Mar 21 2019

Are you using or moving to Infor Global HR and trying to ensure quick, streamlined access to employee documents within Infor Talent Management, Employee Space and Manager Space?

Managing and sharing a subset of documents with employees should be efficient and economical, yet many HR teams struggle to manage this process in a way that complements their business needs. MHC Software enhances Infor Global HR to improve the efficiency, visibility and accessibility of employee documents via flexible imaging and self-service solutions. 

View this 40-minute video to learn how MHC optimizes employee document management. 

What you’ll learn about:
  • Flexible options for managing employee documents within Infor Global HR
  • Functionality for administrators to upload and view documents from within Infor Talent Management
  • Ability to upload and store multiple documents per employee, per document type and maintain visibility for only those who need it
  • Advantages of granting employees, whether active, inactive or even terminated, access to their current and historical documents including tax documents, pay stubs, contracts, policy agreements and more

  • Webinar: Discover how MHC's solutions optimize & automate processes in Infor Lawson v10
    August 21, 2019
  • inforum 2019
    New Orleans, LA
    September 23-26, 2019