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Document Processing Disaster Recovery

How much will a crisis or business interruption cost your organization?

Natural Disasters


Don’t let a disaster catch you unprepared. 

Substantial financial loss as well as loss of business continuity, image and quality of service due to disaster can affect an organization’s long-term profitability. With MHC Software’s certified and reliable Document Processing Disaster Recovery solution, we provide all the equipment and labor needed to ensure uninterrupted check or form distribution in the event of a disaster.

We employ a talented team of professionals with experience in hardware, software, workflow and document distribution. We also test our disaster recovery program for each customer annually. In the event of a disaster, MHC Software’s Processing Center will continue to provide document processing until your organization is able to resume normal business operations.

Risks that can be mitigated with MHC’s Document Processing Disaster Recovery solution include: 

  • Natural disasters
  • Fire
  • Computer viruses
  • Power outages
  • Computer and telecommunication failures
  • Employee sabotage
  • Labor force strike
  • And more!

"If there's any kind of problem, MHC's support is superb."

Associate Vice President
Finance and Systems
University/Medical Center