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MHC Document ExpressPayroll

Looking for a more efficient way to create and manage payroll documents?

MHC Document Express ™ automatically interfaces with your ERP system to collect data and convert it into legible employee-specific documents, such as pay stubs and W-2s. 

Communicate shift differentials and pay rates clearly with document customization features. Then send documents to the printer or send them to employees electronically using MHC Document Self-Service.

Common Uses:MHC Document Express Pay Stubs, Live Payroll Checks, W-2s


Improve communication with employees.

  • Spend less time answering employee questions – With MHC Document Express, you control the format of employee-specific documents, so you can be sure they say exactly what you need them to
  • Comply with state and federal requirements – Simple configuration options enable you to stay current with your requirements
  • Allow employees to choose their delivery method for payroll documents – Whether employees receive paper checks, emailed pay stubs or online pay stubs, MHC Document Express delivers functionality to simplify payroll administration and increase employee satisfaction
  • Securely send electronic direct deposit advices to employees – MHC Software’s e-Pay feature automatically generates and emails password-protected direct deposit advice PDFs, allowing payroll to go paperless
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"The support we have received from MHC has been invaluable in getting these initiatives up and working. For the record, we would be very pleased to be a customer reference for MHC."

John Brenton
Manager, Business Information Systems
Algoma Central Corporation

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