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MHC Document Express Electronic Payments

Planning to add or increase electronic payments?

Making payments electronically saves time and money and allows organizations to hold cash longer. However, migrating from paper to electronic payments can be challenging.

With MHC Document Express ™, you can match bank file format requirements effortlessly, keep your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system standard, combine payments and increase savings. 
Electronic Payments - MHC Document Express

Leverage effortless electronic payment management.

  • Control an integrated payment process – MHC Software solutions fill the gaps often left behind by ERPs and create a streamlined closed loop process with comprehensive auditing
  • Manage cash more effectively with bank reconciliation functionality – Save time by automating file retrieval from one or more banks and facilitating automated ERP system reconciliation
  • Communicate effectively with vendors – Improve communication with vendors by emailing readable remittance advices
  • Leverage bank fraud prevention services – MHC Software’s Positive Pay solutions enable seamless integration with bank programs that help you better protect your business assets