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Feature Article: Internships That Bring You Home

Posted by Conrad M - Aug 12 2019

(Left to right: Sophia Moschkau (intern), Saleena Ly (intern), and Dan Ward (VP of Product Development)) 
Photo courtesy of (Aug. 5, 2019) 

For many years MHC Software's internship program has succeeded in training young talent. Summer 2019 interns Sophia Moschkau and Saleena Ly were recently featured alongside MHC's Vice President of Product Development, Dan Ward, in MHTA's SciTechsperience blog article "Internships That Bring You Home."

Internships are critical to driving innovation within many organizations, as well as building a foundation for success in the community for millions of young professionals. 
MHC Software will continue to build it's internship program in coming years, as the company offers new and innovative document and transaction automation solutions. 

Excerpt from the article:

"About twenty years ago, Dan Ward interned as a software developer at a very large multi-national company in Burnsville. Today he’s the VP of Product Development for the much smaller MHC Software, but when he went in to apply for his current position, he was struck with a sense of déjà vu. Both companies, the old and the new, were housed in the same building. In a way, Ward was returning to his roots, and bringing his past experiences with him.

His time at that internship long ago taught him the importance of providing interesting projects to students who are getting their first look at professional computing. As such, he kept this learning in mind when the opportunity arose to bring on interns at MHC Software this summer." 

Read the rest of this feature article in the SciTechsperience blog. To learn more about job opportunities at MHC Software, please visit our Careers page.

"Internships That Bring You Home" was originally published on August 5, 2019 by MHTA's SciTechsperience

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