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Solutions that Transform Accounts Payable Processing

Posted by Conrad M - Aug 01 2019

Learn to love your job as an AP professional again, with solutions that transform and automate processes at work!

The MHC Software team has been busy this year helping AP departments increase their number of payments processed electronically and leverage solutions to consolidate transactions, reduce fees and optimize positive pay processing for their remaining printed AP checks. 

Looking to increase your electronic payments?  MHC solution experts are always available to talk about your particular needs and determine if you have an opportunity to increase electronic processing and automation.  

Speaking of automation, have you fully automated AP invoice processing in your organization? MHC Software has helped organizations across industries streamline and automate invoice processing from automated capture all the way through final approval and electronic payments.  

How we help transform AP departments:  

  • AP invoice capture and workflow automation -- Automate the accurate submission and processing of AP invoices with powerful extraction functionality that eliminates typical manual data entry processes and expedites workflow processes 

  • Automatic invoice creation in ERP systems -- Automate the creation and validation of AP invoice transactions in the ERP to reduce manual steps and eliminate the risk of human errors

  • Electronic payments and fraud prevention – Streamline payment processing and cut costs with ACH, consolidated credit and ghost card processing, positive pay and bank reconciliation

  • Expand visibility across the procure-to-pay (P2P) cycle – Enable one-click access to all the documents in the cycle from contracts and requisition supporting documents all the way through remittance documentation distributed to your vendors – all in-context and accessible through your ERP or via a web browser
Contact us to request a tailored demo based on your organization’s needs.

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