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Meet Dave, a Stressed-Out Accounts Payable Employee

Posted by Conrad M - Jul 15 2019

Meet Dave, he’s a junior accounts payable employee. Like many accounting professionals, he wears a lot of hats. Lately, he’s been feeling overwhelmed with data entry that could be streamlined in the ERP system at work. He has to manually input payment requests and assign an approver, then wait days to weeks for an approval. He also has to retrieve purchase orders by sifting through hundreds of vendors and documents. 

During a one-on-one meeting with his manager Jane -- Dave mentions how the amount of manual steps at work is keeping him up at night. Jane understands and has been feeling the pressure, too. 

As an action item from the meeting, Jane asks Dave to contact the ERP administrator, Pete, to begin doing some initial research into solutions which can help automate processes and provide better visibility, to make it easier for her team to complete tasks.

Dave and Pete begin doing research online and find MHC Software. After reading through the procure-to-pay solutions online and attending a webinar session together, they decide to present a recommendation to Jane. 

Jane then contacts MHC to demo procure-to-pay software solutions with the team. View this webinar short clip on YouTube.

Learn more about procure-to-pay by viewing our webinar recording, titled “Streamline Procure-to-Pay Processes with Document Automation & Visibility” on the webinars page of our website.

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    December 18
    12:00 - 12:45 PM CST
  • Infor Metropolitan Region Lawson User Group (MRLUG)
    Hilton Garden Inn,
    Edison NJ
    December 5, 2019