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Voice of the customer – How Zaxby’s automated AP, HR & payroll processes with MHC

Posted by Conrad M - Oct 17 2019
Looking to increase the efficiency of your accounts payable (AP) team? Trying to simplify access to employee tax documents, along with streamlining payroll processes? Amy Youngblood from Zaxby’s will share her company’s approach to automate and streamline their Infor Lawson v10 accounts payable, HR and payroll processes. [Read More...]

WSJ - Strattam Capital Combines MHC Software and Vanguard Systems

Posted by Conrad M - Oct 03 2019
"Strattam Capital is bringing together two technology companies to create a combined entity that provides systems to digitize content and automate workflows and processes." [Read More...]

Strattam Capital Completes Majority Investment in MHC Software

Posted by Conrad M - Sep 25 2019
MHC Software is proud to announce a new partnership between Strattam Capital and Vanguard Systems, Inc. Strattam Capital recently completed majority investment in MHC Software, alongside MHC Software purchasing Vanguard Systems. [Read More...]

Improve service, manage compliance and automate HR & payroll processes

Posted by Conrad M - Sep 19 2019
Are your human resources (HR) and payroll (PR) processes plagued with overwhelming amounts of paper, little visibility and extensive manual work? Trying to figure out how to manage the growing number of acknowledgements you need from your employees? [Read More...]

Adopt a Highway to Keep the Environment Clean!

Posted by Conrad M - Aug 30 2019
The MHC Software team recently participated in the Adopt a Highway program outside of our corporate office in Burnsville, Minnesota. [Read More...]

Discover BIG | Connect BIG | Succeed BIG at Inforum 2019!

Posted by Conrad M - Aug 30 2019
We have BIG opportunities to learn and have fun, while you maximize your time in The BIG Easy! Discover what MHC Software is planning for Inforum 2019! [Read More...]

Discover how MHC's solutions optimize & automate processes in Infor Lawson v10

Posted by Conrad M - Aug 22 2019
If your organization is on Infor Lawson 10 and looking to save time and money while easing your workload and enabling your users to help themselves, this video is for you! MHC Software solutions support digital web forms, workflow and OCR capture automation, flexible and dynamic content creation, transactions and powerful self-service document access. We help organizations get the most from Infor Lawson 10 and achieve desired results. [Read More...]

Feature Article: Internships That Bring You Home

Posted by Conrad M - Aug 12 2019
Summer 2019 interns Sophia Moschkau and Saleena Ly were recently featured alongside MHC's Vice President of Product Development, Dan Ward, in MHTA's SciTechsperience blog article "Internships That Bring You Home." [Read More...]

Solutions that Transform Accounts Payable Processing

Posted by Conrad M - Aug 01 2019
Learn to love your job as an AP professional again, with solutions that transform and automate processes at work! The MHC Software team has been busy this year helping AP departments increase their number of payments processed electronically and leverage solutions to consolidate transactions, reduce fees and optimize positive pay processing for their remaining printed AP checks. [Read More...]

Improve Employee and Vendor Engagement with Self-Service Document Solutions

Posted by Conrad M - Jul 22 2019
Do you struggle with efficiently producing and distributing documents to active and inactive employees or vendors? Are you constantly fielding vendor questions relating to payments or wasting time printing and distributing paper-based 1099s? Would your organization benefit from internal and external users retrieving and/or uploading documents via self-service functionality? [Read More...]
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